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Frequently Asked Questions!

You or a loved one from anywhere in the world can place an order for you on our website and you can either pick it up in store or get in delivered to your address.

We work with a wide variety of stores from supermarket to your local neighborhood farmers market. Get anything from produce, meat, dairy, drinks, snacks, and stock up on your pantry supply.

You can pay with a Mastercard or VISA credit or debit card. The other direct alternative is through paypal.

Restaurant orders should not take more than 40 minutes unless the traffic or the weather is bad.

Grocery orders are ready for pick up instantly once your order receipt is sent to you.

Once your payment and address has been received and confirmed, you will receive a tracking number and text or email when the order is done or on the way.

If you suspect your order has not been dropped off, please feel free to contact the Foodorizone Customer Support at [email protected]