Foodorizone opens the world to placing food and groceries orders without Borders. Are you hungry but have no money to make a food or grocery purchase? Foodorizone has partnered with supermarkets,shops and restaurants to allow friends and family to purchase items for you from anywhere in the world!

Free Delivery

Available for select stores and restaurants.

Huge Savings

On Back to School specials.

Easy Returns

24/7 Tech Support Available.

Feeling a little hungry?

Get pizza or fried rice from the Chinese takeout you have been meaning to try out here.

Back to School Shopping

From school snacks to grocery, find everything on your list here.

Restock the medicine cabinet

Catching a cold?We can connect you to the nearest pharmacy.

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Customers Reviews

This has literally changed the game! I was hungry and had no money on me,someone had told me about this service and I gave it a try. My cousin in Sweden paid for a grocery basket and within minutes I was able to go pick it up! So cool!
Annali Eriksson

Deal Of The Day 15% Off On All Vegetables!

I can’t recommend this service enough! It has made shopping easier and more accessible to students struggling. Five stars from me.
Mike Sendler

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Businesses large and small have partnered with Foodorizone to new customers.